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First Plymouth treasures deep community, profound faith, and engagement with the world.

We are committed to being the hands and heart and face of Christ in the world.

Here, everyone is welcome.

Seriously. Everyone.


Upcoming Events:


Adult CE:
Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance, and First Plymouth member, will be presenting sessions on the basic tenants and teaching, and central values of Judaism, Sikhism, and Islam. Join the Adult CE sessions after worship on September 18, 25, and October 9,

During the final session on October 16, an interfaith panel titled ‘Interfaith Perspectives on Race in America’ with representatives of multiple racial and religious backgrounds will speak to their experience of the intersections of race and religion in the United States.

Flu Shot Clinic:
Front Range Flu Shots will be located in the Brides’ Room and Conversation Area for a Flu Shot Clinic on September 18 from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Shots are available for $35 for age 4 and older with “Double Dose” for age 65 and older for $60. Most insurance accepted. For more information please go to