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Adult CE: Just Faith in Action

A source in Charleston, SC was quoted on NPR as saying Dylann Roof (white supremacist, alleged shooter of nine people in a Charleston church) is “as American as apple pie” (in regard to his racism). Do we acknowledge the role of racism in our society? How is it manifested? As a predominantly white church community, what can or should we do about it? Is there such a thing as “white privilege”?

The following challenging words were printed at the top of the JFIA (Just Faith in Action) December Meeting Agenda: “We must speak up against racism…because we speak for it when we are silent.” JFIA, in collaboration with the Racial Justice Task Force of the First Universalist Church, is offering four Christian Education programs following church  January 15 and 22 and February 5 and 19. Resources to be used in these interactive sessions include:

  • Video: “The Doctrine of Discovery” (historic justification for racism)
  • Curriculum developed in 2015 by the UCC following the Ferguson, MO events titled “White Privilege: Let’s Talk”
  • Peggy McIntosh article: “White Privilege”
  • Interfaith Alliance “Moral Document for Racial Justice”

How to move from OBSERVER to ALLY to ACCOMPLICE in the quest to diminish the impact of racism in our country

One verse of a recently written rap song (sung, ironically, to the tune of “These are My Favorite Things”) goes like this:

Black rage is founded on blatant denial,
Sweet economics, subsistence survival,
Deafening silence and social control,
Black rage is founded on wounds in the soul.

For more information about the JFIA Committee, members to contact are Berkeley Rich, Marilyn Miller, Carolyn Eustace, Tamika Anderson, Joan Chase, Amanda Henderson, Eric Smith, and Ruth Neil.  We look forward to your participation in the upcoming discussions.