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February 19
Youth Sunday
Each year the First Plymouth Youth Group leads our worship for one Sunday, and shows us the creative, playful, faithful, and wise ways of our congregation’s teenagers. In music, word, and ritual, the youth always re-imagine church out of their own experiences and interests. Don’t miss this annual treat, as our youth lead us in worship.

February 26
The Reverend George Anastos
Matthew 17:1-9
Transfiguration Sunday
It occurred to me as I wrote “Transfiguration Sunday” that many folks might not know what I am referring to. In brief, on the last Sunday before Lent (yes, Ash Wednesday is March 1), the church often remembers Jesus’ “transfiguration.” (Read the scripture lesson for the day.) Another word that could be used instead of transfiguration is metamorphosis—which is the exact word as it appears in the original Greek. Read the lesson. Substitute the word metamorphosis for transfiguration—the entire passage takes on new perspective.