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Transition 2019

Your Transition Team is hard at work, as each passing month brings Senior Minister George Anastos closer to his June 2019 retirement. For clarity, here’s a brief definition of terms we’ll be using during the Transition.

  • Profile: a description of the church including its past, present, and future aspirations as well as key characteristics of the next senior minister
  • Transition: the entire two-year process
  • Ministerial Structure: whether we have one minister or two co-ministers
  • Handoff: whether or not we have an interim minister and how the overlap from one senior minister to another is managed

By the June Annual Meeting, in accordance with our timeline, the Profile will be complete and we will have decisions about Ministerial Structure and the Hand Off.

This month we can report that, although recruiting is ongoing, rosters are nearly complete for the committees who will work hard to accomplish this important change in the life of our church community. Working together with Church Council, the Coordinating Committee will collaborate with the four subcommittees.

Coordinating Committee
Craig Eley and Denise Brown, Transition  co-chairs,
Susie Wren (moderator), Ken Hoagland (vice-moderator),
Tricia Springer (communications director)
Co-chairs of the subcommittees
Plan development Profile Recruitment Hospitality
Melissa Depper Doug Brown David Nestor Joe Shaw
Nancy Fogg, Eileen Robinson, Carole Westphal, Nancy Jo Shaw,
co-chairs co-chairs co-chairs co-chairs
Joel Rinsema Chip Cole Deborah Arca Berkeley Rich
Adrienne Andrews Glenn Steve Haskins Keith Conner Susan Oakes
Peter Fogg James Baack Carolyn Eustace Linda Cunningham
Pam Schmidt Roger Meier Emily Hoagland Grover Wren
Annie Nestor Tammy Weatherly Kent Lemburg Amy Picket-Williams
Laura Brayman Scott Nuanes Ruth Neil Nancy Cole
Alyssa McKenna Rachel Olson Diane Hoagland
Janet Rich
Kim Wooldridge

The Transition Team invites and welcomes input from the congregation. Each month from now through June brings an opportunity after Sunday worship to hear the latest updates from the Transition Team and discuss the important issues. Mark the following dates on your calendar so your voice can be heard. Specific items for discussion will be communicated well in advance of each meeting.

February 25   Congregational CE Hour
March 11  CE Hour with Rev. Sue Artt
March 18  Congregational Meeting
April 29   Congregational CE Hour
May 20    Congregational CE Hour
June 10   Annual Congregational Meeting

Check back here regularly where you can find schedules, budget, committee rosters, updates, important documents, etc. You are welcome to communicate directly with the Transition Co-Chairs by emailing Craig Eley or Denise Brown.