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Universal Grant Application Information

First Plymouth Church, through a series of boards and committees, administers endowed funds for various specific purposes described below.  Each fund operates under a set of requirements or guidelines which, in some cases, are defined by donor restrictions.

Generally, an organizational unit of the church may submit a completed Universal Grant Application to the appropriate fund.  In rare instances, an individual may submit an application.

The following fund administrative groups are responsible for the receipt, consideration and final action of a grant application:

Frank T. Bayley Fund

The Fund is a scholarship fund designated for loans or grants to students pursuing careers in ministry, other religious employment or social work.  Loans or grants are considered for students from First Plymouth Church or other churches within the Rocky Mountain Conference, UCC.

Applications are due July 1 annually with funding decisions being made shortly thereafter.

Endowment Committee

The Committee administers the following funds, each of which has its own set of operating guidelines, in some cases determined by the specific restrictions or intentions of the donor.

Applications are due no later than the last day of the month to be considered at the next month’s meeting.

Brand Family Improvement Fund
Income from this fund is used for improvements to the building, furnishings, and equipment of First Plymouth Church.

General Endowment Fund
This general fund is used to support the mission of First Plymouth with emphasis on internal programs and activities which support and inspire the mission and ministry within the church.

First Plymouth Foundation

The Foundation considers any application that falls within the parameters of its mission statement, which generally is to support the wider mission of First Plymouth Church.  The Foundation does not provide ongoing support for programs.  In addition to information required on the Universal Grant Application, the Foundation requires:

  • A brief history of the applicant organization, including its purpose and objectives and the goals for the project for which funds are being sought;
  • A list of the current board of directors or trustees;
  • The aggregate amount of financial support contributed by and the percentage of the board who contribute to the organization;
  • The balance sheet and statement of revenue and expense for the most recent fiscal year;
  • If a nonprofit corporation, the 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS, and for a nonprofit or limited liability company, a certificate of good standing from the state of registration.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation meets four times a year, usually three to four weeks after the end of each calendar quarter.  Generally, applications received at least two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting will be considered at that meeting.

Memorials Fund

This fund, administered by the Memorials Committee, offers ways for members and friends to give to the church memorial gifts, large or small, which will be recognized and become useful living expressions of faith in our community.

Huebner Fund

This fund supports the church’s commitment to the outreach mission of the church.  The Fund is administered by the Ministry of Christian Outreach.

Application submission information:

All completed Universal Grant Applications may be submitted in hard copy to:

First Plymouth Church
3501 S. Colorado Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80113

or electronically as noted below:

The Bayley Fund:    First Plymouth Foundation:
Attn: Marvin Buckels, chair Attn:  Ken Hoagland, President
Electronic submission to:
Endowment Committee: Memorials Committee:
Attn:  Harry Adair, chair Attn: Diane Hoagland, chair
 Electronic submission to: Electronic submission to: