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First Plymouth treasures deep community, profound faith, and engagement with the world.

We are committed to being the hands and heart and face of Christ in the world.

Here, everyone is welcome.

Seriously. Everyone.


The Reverend George Anastos retires in 2019 and the search for our new Senior Minister has begun! Click here for updates on the Transition Process.

Upcoming Events:


Dead Sea Scrolls Classes:
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is hosting a traveling exhibit of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls from March until September. To get ready, The Reverend Dr. Eric C. Smith is hosting a four-part series on the scrolls, their discovery, their contents, and their importance. Gather for a lecture and conversation about the scrolls on February 26March 5, March 12, and March 19. The classes will run from 6:00P to 7:30P, and will feature lots of images of Qumran (the site where they were discovered), the scrolls themselves and translations of them. Join us as we learn about the most important and astonishing archaeological discovery of the 20th century, just as they arrive in Denver!